Success of Roger's Public Speaking Courses

Success Of Roger's Perfect Voice Training

Made a Positive Difference

"I never realized how important my voice and my breathing were to my whole state of well being until I worked with Roger, and it's made a huge positive difference in my life."

John Mulio, Chief Information Officer, San Diego, California

Now Speaks Confidently

"Public speaking is essential for business development in my profession, but it used to make me feel very uncomfortable. After learning and utilizing Roger Love's extremely effective vocal techniques, I now speak confidently and grasp every speaking opportunity that arises."

Gregory N. Lippe, CPA

A Heavenly Present

"Dear Roger Love: I have been following all the steps, and I am getting amazing results. The first time I heard my voice in a tape recorder, I could not believe it. It was like a present from God! I never thought in my whole life that I would be able to develop my voice and at the same time realize the magical instrument I do have. I just want to thank you for all the time, passion and dedication."

Adriana Gisel "Zoe" Monja

Finally Found Guidance

"Dear Roger, I am an 18-year-old-law student and perfecting my oral communication has become a personal objective for me. I've purchased a book on speech before but without the guidance of a CD had found myself lost. I've never been to a professional vocal coach but what I sense about you Is that you actually care about people enjoying their voice. That is something I'd like to commend you on. Your upbeat personality is a real asset."

Thomas Cheam

Totally Amazed After Only 5 Hours

"I just purchased your lessons, which are fantastic. I have always had an Operatic voice and had trouble with the 'middle' part of my voice with popular tunes. I am having some trouble breathing only through the nose, as I am daily sinus sufferer. Already after 5 hours of reading and practice, a new world has opened to me. I am totally amazed! Thank you for helping me."

Barbara Matscheg, Canada

Changed His Life

"I took vocal lessons when I was a kid and several other times over the years. It's astounding to me that none of those teachers ever had a clue what to do with me. I'm generally a very confident guy, except when it comes to my voice. Now I feel like I finally get it, and that it's all so simple. I appreciate you, and studying your methods has changed my life."

Mark Schulman Motivational Speaker

Equal to 10 Vocal Teachers

"Thank you for being my new vocal coach. I've had many teachers in the past and none are as effective or fun as you. I would say that one Roger Love is equal to 10 other voice teachers. You are the best. You make me feel so excited about myself and the future. I offer you my most sincere and humble appreciation."

Janice Laurenco Montreal, Canada

What they say about The Perfect Voice Lessons

So far, many have already discovered how the Perfect Voice Training can improve their lives with effective communication. Some of them have agreed to share their comments with you...

Worth $1600

"Roger values his time at $400 an hour, which means that the Perfect Voice comes to about $1600 worth of lessons on the CDs. If a person goes through each of the daily exercises, the program becomes invaluable, because Roger is there with you every day, doing the warm ups with you."

Andy Forrest

Recommends to Family and Friends

"I listen to the CDs in my bedroom with headphones on. The program contains great information for the non-pro to help train your voice. The Perfect Voice program is clear, quick paced and thorough. I enjoyed them a lot. I know many friends and relatives who would benefit from this program to help them with their jobs and relationships."

Eugenia Boyd Massage Therapist

Clear and Simple

"I listen to the Perfect Voice every day in my car. Roger shares a lot of valuable information, and he breaks down the concepts clearly and simply. Each CD illustrates the concepts of voice in well-defined building blocks so that I can quickly gain mastery to improve my voice."

Y.L. Actor

The Importance of Voice

"I liked the way Roger explained his techniques. He discussed helpful information about how important the voice is. I enjoyed the breathing exercises. I think this program would be helpful to some people at work, and I will recommend it to anyone in sales."

Martin Myers Account Manager

Saw Improvement

"I believe that if you train with the Perfect Voice, you can improve the sound and effect of your voice. I liked having the sense that by following this program, I could make observable improvement."

Curt Wells Teacher

Provides Basic Info

"I listen to these CDs every day in my car. I tried the Perfect Voice because I wanted to improve my voice. It is a good learning experience, and I liked the basic information that it provided."

Cyrus S., Sales Representative

Easy to Listen and Follow

"I listened to the entire program at home. I wanted to improve my own voice, and I liked the fact that this program was easy to listen to and follow. I would recommend this product to someone else, because people need to know their own voice."

S. Madhav Actor