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Speak Like Your Favorite Song!

How many words can you recite from a favorite book? probably not that many. But how many song lyrics do you know? Thousands probably. Think about that. Music occupies such a strong part of our brains. Once a tune gets locked in there, it almost never goes away. We learn the alphabet with a song….

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Here is a stage tip I teach to my professional clients.

DON”T WANDER! Generally, people seem to do two things when you put them on stage. They stand very still, shyly trying to make it through the ordeal, or they move around like a squirrel on a freeway. My advice is to settle in between the two. You move around just fine in your kitchen or…

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Use these emotions to really grab your audience.

When you are on stage or in front of an audience speaking, I believe you need to focus on creating two very specific emotions that the audience will perceive. The first is HAPPY. You need to show them right off the bat that you are a happy person, full of life. No one wants to…

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You Only Get 10 Seconds

When you get up to speak, people are judging you. That’s a fact that you cannot change. However, you can manipulate their perceptions and pre-decide how you want to be perceived. The problem is, you don’t have much time to do this. I say that people only need about 10 seconds of you to decide…

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Forget The Fillers

We live in a world where we accept a lot of bad vocal habits as normal. When I speak with someone, even amazingly educated and insightful people, I hear them insert the non-word, “Um”, into their sentences repeatedly. It’s as if they are afraid to allow one moment of actual silence. Truth is, those annoying…

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Being and Creating a Character

When you step up to the podium, or in front of a crowd, or on the stage, you need to stop doing so as YOU! You have fears, insecurities, doubts and feelings of inadequacy… but so do we all. So how does someone manage to get past all of the normal phobias that come along…

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Fake Melody

I always say that I want a lot of melody when you speak. I’m tired of people sounding like they are pianos with only one or two working keys. I define melody as a random pattern of connected notes that have words attached. If you are staying on the same notes over and over, called…

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Chest Voice is KING!

I know that I speak a lot about the Middle Voice. So much so, that many of you might think that I love that voice more than any other. However, that’s not true. In fact, I love all three voices equally. In that honor, I want to talk about Chest Voice today. I think that…

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Out of Your Nose

One of the most annoying vocal characteristics also happens to be the easiest one to fix. I’m speaking now about the sound of nasality. We all have a friend or two that sound like they have colds all the time. They have a certain nasal quality, a cross between Jerry Lewis and a stuffed nose….

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The Proper Use Of Volume.

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